Best Foods for Sexy Abs

Are you a woman who wants great abs? Here are six of the best foods for sexy abs

It's one of the most common body goals:  A flat stomach. Or a six-pack. Feeling ambitious? Maybe an eight-pack. But it takes more than just targeted exercise to get to your dream body.

What are the best foods for sexy abs?

Best Foods for Sexy Abs - Woman doing crunches

Leafy Greens

Yes, just the foods your mother always begged you to eat! Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and arugula, are key to better abs. The key part of this is their low calorie count. You can eat more and still consume less calories, and cutting calories is a vital step to that six pack of your dreams. The high fiber and calcium content that most leafy greens pack is an added bonus.

Green Leafy Vegetables


By now, we've all heard of yogurt and the good its probiotics can do for your gut flora. But can that help you trim your waist and define your abs? Yes! The probiotic bacteria that most yogurts contain can be the perfect way to cut out bloat and to aid in digestion so that you can see your new abs sooner! Yogurt is also a great source of calcium, which anyone looking to build a healthy body needs.

Bowl of Yogurt


When looking to build muscle, the praises of lean protein can't be sung enough. You won't get much done without it, and salmon (as well as other lean fish) is an excellent, health-conscious choice. Besides just offering the protein needed for muscles, it also boosts a good dose of omega-3s fatty acids. Omega-3s, while normally thought of as the brain-boosting food that so many doctors push on patients, are also good at boosting your metabolism, aiding in digestion. Because of this, it will keep your cravings down and boot out any bloat.

Cooked Salmon


Yes, this common snack food can indeed help you reach the six pack you've been dreaming of! Apples (as well as pears, a good choice for people who aren't apple fans) are perfect for someone with a sweet tooth who wants to define their abdominal muscles. Though deliciously sweet (or tangy, depending on your taste), they pack a huge amount of fiber and have a high water content. This means that they fill you up faster, for fewer calories.

Plate with Rubens Apples


Soy is an extremely versatile food that is a great addition to any diet. Soy beans (and the foods that they make up) are loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Because it has such a high protein count, it can be especially helpful for someone who is a vegetarian or vegan. Soy milk may also be the perfect solution for those who are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy. The calcium it in soy milk is on par with bovine milk, and usually has a lower calorie count.

Crushed Soy Beans


Another sweet treat for when the temptation is too much! Berries are a delicious choice for snacks, breakfast, or as a salad topping. Most berries are fiber-packed, which will make you feel full sooner and stay full longer. They also tend to have a good amount of antioxidants. (The darker the berry, the more antioxidants!) Because antioxidants help promote blood flow, this will allow your muscles to be more efficient in how they strengthen, giving you a well-formed and trim middle sooner.

Assorted berries


Here's another addition to your diet that you might not have seen coming. Almonds are an excellent choice for those looking for a firm belly. These nuts are full of good-for-you fiber, which will keep you from feeling hungry as soon, cutting down on your cravings and splurges. They also have Vitamin E, an antioxidant that will boost blood flow to your muscles. But, most importantly, it has magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that your body needs for energy. Because how else are you going to get those abs?


Exercise and the right supplements

Besides eating the right food in order to transform your body and sculpt your abs there are other things you can implement into your diet that include a good exercise routine and a good supplement to help burn away those last stubborn layers of fat.