The Perfect Body With Strength Training

How Women can Achieve a Perfect Physique by Lifting Weights

Woman showing off sexy bikini bodyWeight training (female bodybuilding) in many cases has been a taboo amongst women, many are under the impression that by lifting weights they will get bulky muscles which is not true, the reality is that those bulky women you see on many magazine covers are usually taking some kind of synthetic steroid that has helped them bulk up, otherwise building muscle like that is hard to do, lets face it, even men have a hard time packing on muscle mass in spite of the fact that the male body is driven by high levels of testosterone.

Many women like to take the easy route and spend an hour a day on a treadmill or stationary bike, when in fact regardless of the exercise you perform it will take an hour of your time, so why not make that time count. Would it not be better to perform an exercise that will help you burn twice the amount of calories and increase sexy lean muscle. A thin body may look good, but a firm body looks better.

Every aspect of a woman is beautiful

Every guy will have his favorite female attraction, for some men its legs others prefer a woman with a shapely butt while others love breasts, with strength training you can sculpt and tone every part of your body making it picture perfect.

When it comes to strength training there are a few core exercises you should not skip and those include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts “normal and stiff legged”
  • Dumbbell bench press “incline and flat”
  • Dumbbell flyes “incline and flat”
  • Barbell rows

While there are a variety of exercises that can be performed, starting with core body parts are the ones that will help increase and tone up the major muscle groups,  for example squats help target the legs including thighs and buttocks in fact the squat is one of the best exercises for improving the glute muscles, if you see a woman with great glutes I can assure you she is incorporating squats into her workout routine.

Sexy Woman showing of fit body

Lunges help improve the front quads and also target the gluteus muscles, stiff legged dead lifts help target the rear hamstring muscles giving the legs a fuller more refined appearance.

The back is another body part that needs to be exercised, the back can help compliment posture and performing an exercise like deadlifts target the back and also the leg muscles, if you have never performed squats before, performing them properly will help you improve strength and endurance.

Exercises for firming up the breasts

Many women struggle with their breasts, especially large breasted women, in fact, rapid weight loss or pregnancy can cause the breasts to sag, implementing a proper workout can help increase the underlying chest muscles making the breasts look fuller and firmer, some of the best exercises are dumbbell flyes and bench press, the bench press targets the middle of the chest and flyes target the outer chest. You can change the position of the bench to a decline position which will work the upper chest and lowering the bench to an incline position will target the lower chest.

Burn more calories

Strength training will not only help you improve your body you must also remember that pound per pound muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more lean muscle you have the easier it will be to maintain an ideal weight.

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