Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weight

5 Reasons why women should lift heavy weight

Tere are several reasons women should train with weights, even more important is for women to lift heavy. There is not a day that goes by in the gym that I see women picking up tiny dumbells and move them around like paper weights. I truly believe that some women believe they are going to hurt something.


Time and time again is has been scientificaly proven that pound for pound women are just as strong as men, yet they dont lift like men. I know I sound like a broken record but it is physiologically imposible for women to get as big as menĀ  (unless you take steroids) even then you cannot pack on muscle like a guy. Some of the strength differences between men adn women are mostly due to different muscle fibers.

Cardio exercises may be your favorite activity but nothing will give you a firm and sculpted body like strength training will. Lifting weights will give you your muscles firm and toned, your glutes, legs, and arms can all benefit form some heavy weight lifting. Below are 5 reasons why you may want to consider lifting heavy weight.

  1. Lifting weights will make you stronger, yes your body;s muscles adapt to strength training shocking the muscle with a heavy weight over time will stimulate new muscle fibers, this can make most of your daily activities easier picking up the kid and routine chores become much easier to do.
  2. Burn more fat, muscles do tend to burn more calories than fat does. Plus more muscle means a firm and sexy body. You can burn more calories in an hour by doing compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press, you will be stronger and it will make your body work harder to burn more calories.
  3. Improve your mood and increase energy, Lifting weights releases endorphins, what they do is help eliminate stress, a good workout in the morning will help you feel positive and focused and ready to start the day. For those who train in the evening you will relive the tension form a stressful day and even sleep better at night
  4. Improve posture and flexibility, training with weights requires a mind muscle connection, it also requires perfect form, if not you risk injury. Deadlifts and squats require focus and controlled movements, these movements will improve your posture and help you stand upright with good posture. Performing squats helps improves flexibility and core body strength.
  5. Increase bone density, Lifting heavy weights puts more stress on the muscles, this helps build underlying muscle tissue and helps increase bone density, this can help prevent symptoms of osteoporosis as you get older.

One of the best strength methods you may want to implement is something calledĀ HIT (High-Intensity Training) This method incorporates brief yet intense movements with moderate to heavy weight. This will maximize how much you can lift and make you stronger over time.


Next time you go to the gym try picking up the intensity a notch or two, try moving outside your comfort zone. When training with weights make sure you use proper form, this will prevent injury, try lifting heavy for a few weeks and you will gradually notice you will become stronger, not to mention you will notice many changes to your body.