Why Women Should Lift Weights

Many women believe strength training will make them bulky, but on the contrary here are a few reasons why women should lift weights.

The vast majority of people consider weightlifting to be a masculine activity. However, this claim or belief is completely wrong. Lifting weights can be equally useful for women. When women start working out at home or at the gym, they usually get involved in cardio exercises and aerobics, but you can rarely find a woman that is lifting weights.

Woman with weights posing

Well, this routine is the thing of the past and it seems that more and more women are acknowledging the fact that weightlifting is useful. Before we start talking about why women should lift weights, we should also mention that this prejudice about women and this activity were based on the wrong belief that this activity can make them look bulky.

Strength training can help improve muscle tone but will not increase muscle mass

Of course, this is not how most women would like to look, but normal weight training can only make women stronger and healthier and help them tone the muscles and not increase their muscle mass rapidly. So, let’s check some of the reasons why women should include lifting weight in their fitness routine.

To start with, lifting weights have proven to be an excellent way to eliminate fats. Obviously, a well-planned cardio exercise program can provide similar effects, but by introducing weight lifting in this program, you will prevent the typical regaining of weight.

Strength training helps accelerate your body’s metabolism

In addition, using dumbbells and barbells will also accelerate metabolism which means that you will burn fat and calories long after your workout session is finished. Finally, it will help women to change flab with real muscles and sculpt their body. It is always better to look skinny than overweight, but if you tone the muscles you will get the best looks ever.

Muscular woman doing side bicep pose showing an example of why Women Should Lift Weights

As we said, there is more than one reason why women should practice lifting weights. Another good reason is that they can protect themselves from osteoporosis and strengthen their bones too.

In order to feel the benefits of this activity for the health of the bones, women must combine this training with a proper diet. They must take the necessary daily doses of calcium. The best way to do this is to use raw fruits and vegetables or through dietary supplements or special milk. In this way they will improve the structure of bones. Several scientific studies have confirmed that regular weight lifting can increase bone density for 10% in just a few months.

If this type of physical activity is performed cautiously without unnecessary pressure, it can improve the strength of the muscles and significantly decrease the possibility of injuries and specific diseases and disorders like arthritis, rheumatism and back and neck pain. This is a great way to prepare our body for the aging process.

Women who practice lifting weights are often more self-confident and calmer. These exercises have an effect on the production and balance of hormones in the body which leads to emotional stability and good mental health. They generally have a more positive attitude and they are happier.


As you can see there are many reasons why women should lift weights, strength training is one of the best exercises women can do to eliminate fat, cellulite and increase bone density, performing any kind of strength training can have many benefits and help women reverse the aging process keeping your body toned and firm.

We hope that these facts will encourage you to start with this activity as soon as possible.